Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Calvary Chapel?

Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational church that welcomes people from all backgrounds. We held our first Sunday morning service on December 26, 1999. We believe and teach that the Bible is God's Word and should be taken seriously. Calvary Chapel Aurora is a part of the Calvary Chapel family of churches; you can visit www.calvarychapel.com for more information.

Our Vision is Evangelism with a responsibility to...
WIN a person to Jesus Christ - Mark 16:15
DISCIPLE a person in Jesus Christ - Matthew 28:19
SEND a person for Jesus Christ - Acts 1:8

We have one Saturday Night service and two Sunday morning services, a Wednesday night bible study, and various small group ministries going on virtually every day of the week.

You can also hear Pastor Ed several times a day on Abounding Grace, Calvary Chapel Aurora's radio ministry outreach throughout the Denver Metro area and expanding throughout the country. Check out this web site for details.

How many people call Calvary Chapel Aurora Home?

Our small fellowship has grown wonderfully and rapidly over the past 13 years and we continue to see the Lord add to His number weekly. It's an amazing privilege to be a part of His work in this church!

What is expository teaching and does Calvary Chapel really teach through the whole Bible?

Because God gave man all 66 books in the Bible, we believe it's essential that we study every single book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, from Genesis to Revelation. We are not opposed to topical studies and use them at different times throughout the year. But we like the apostle Paul want to say one day soon, "I have not shunned to give you the whole counsel of God."

At Calvary Chapel you can expect to receive a solid Bible study at every service. On Sunday mornings we study through various books while on Wednesdays we are working our way throughout the whole Bible.

Do you have a statement of beliefs?

Yes. We have a clear, well-defined statement of faith, which is available on our information table or on our web site at BELIEFS.

Where are the Church Offices?

Our church offices are on the second floor of the church building.  As a young church, having no denominational support, we continue to trust in Him to provide for all of our needs. We are determined to be faithful with what we've been given knowing that God will bless us according to His riches in glory!

Why doesn't Calvary Chapel Aurora take a formal offering?

We are not opposed to formal offerings and find that on certain occasions a formal offering may be taken. However, we firmly believe that where God guides, He is always faithful to provide. We also believe that those who call Calvary Chapel Aurora their spiritual home should give generously and wholeheartedly to support the ministry. So, we provide offering boxes at various locations in the sanctuary for you to give unto the Lord your tithes and offerings so that your giving becomes an act of worship between you and Him alone.

Are there programs for my children and teenagers?

Yes. Nursery age through 6th grade have classes offered at every service. The Jr. High meets Sunday at both services and Sr. High meets during the Saturday night service also both meet at 7:00 PM every Wednesday.

Contact Pastor Michael Grosbach (303) 628-7200 for Children's Ministries information.
Contact Pastor Joel Hirsch (303) 628-7200 for Jr. High School information.
Contact Pastor Joel Wheelersburg (303) 628-7200 for Sr. High School information.

Does Calvary Chapel Aurora have adequate nursery facilities?

Yes. Our nursery staff provides a safe atmosphere of love for infants and toddlers during every service. As a ministry team, we diligently try to make your children feel safe, nurtured, and loved.

Do you baptize babies?

No, but we do publicly dedicate babies to the Lord. We do not believe the Scriptures tell us to baptize children who are not old enough to make a willful profession of Jesus as Savior. Several times a year we have a dedication service for parents to dedicate their children to the Lord. You can pick up an information pack on baby dedications at the information table.

Why are children dedicated to the Lord?

The act of publicly dedicating children is an encouragement to the parents and the entire church as the family commits their home and children before the congregation. The congregation agrees to accept responsibility to help the parents raise the children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

If I have already accepted Jesus Christ and have been baptized by immersion in another independent or denominational church, will I have to be baptized again?

No. Some people, however, who recommit their lives, choose to be baptized again if they feel their first baptism was for the wrong reason, such as an adult who was baptized as a child and may not have understood what they were doing.

Where is the greatest ministry need at Calvary Chapel and how can I get involved?

Our Children's Ministry definitely has the greatest need for people to teach or even to help out the teachers. We have close to 80 positions that need to be filled in order to properly staff our classes each week. You can contact Michael Grosbach at (303)-884-8519 to get involved with our Children's Ministry or you can check out the information table for other opportunities to serve including ushering, greeting, set-up, take-down, etc.

Can I get involved serving right away?

Most ministries require that you attend Calvary Chapel for at least 6 months before making a service commitment. This time allows you to get comfortable with the ministry here while capturing the overall vision of what God is doing through Calvary Chapel. It also gives us time to get to know you better and help you in finding your fit in the church. We do provide opportunities to serve right away, specifically in the area of set-up and take down. Overall we desire that you receive the Word of God and plug into one of the smaller group ministries. As you do, the time will fly right by you!

What kind of "fellowship getaways" does the church have?

Each year Calvary has several retreats or camps that different ministries put together. Weekend retreats are also held for Women's Ministry, Men's Ministry and other ministries as the Lord leads. Every retreat is a spiritual blessing where we fellowship and focus on Jesus and His Word, leaving encouraged and refreshed.

Does Calvary Chapel offer counseling?

Calvary does not offer long-term counseling, but we do have gifted spiritual leaders available to offer Biblical advice and spiritual encouragement. We also strongly suggest getting involved in a small group and becoming accountable to the Lord along with other believers. Contact the church office (303) 628-7200 for more information.

Does the church have a prayer chain?

Yes. We have an email based prayer chain that sends prayer requests out daily. If you're interested in joining or have a prayer request, visit our email prayer page.

What is the Modesto Manifesto?

Information on the Modesto Manifesto can be found by clicking on this link.


What if I have other questions that aren't listed?

Feel free to contact the church office by phone at (303) 628-7200 or by email at contact. On Sundays & Wednesdays you can also ask an usher or a greeter to help guide you in the right direction.

We exist to serve you. It's our honor and privilege to do so. We pray that you grow deeply in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ through the ministries of Calvary Chapel in Aurora.