Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

Visiting Calvary Aurora April 17-22, 2012

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Come and see the scroll of Isaiah unrolled as the Dead Sea Scrolls visit Calvary Aurora on April 17-21, 2012.

Jesus assures us, ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but My WORDS will by no means pass away.’  (Matthew 24:35 NKJV) 

Join us in seeing that God’s written Word is reliable and trustworthy, and has not changed over time. For all Front-Range opportunities, please see

Exhibit Viewing Schedule

This event is free of charge and all are invited.

Tuesday, April 17
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Wednesday, April 18
6:00 - 10:00 PM
(Calvary's Worship Service is from 7:00 - 8:30 PM)

Thursday, April 19
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Public Viewing

Friday, April 20
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Public Viewing

Saturday, April 21
Noon - 4:00 PM
Public Viewing

Sunday, April 22
4:00 - 6:00 PM
Public Viewing

About the Dead Sea ScrollsDSSImage2 - DeadSeaScrolls

In 1947, a shepherd stumbled upon a series of caves near the ancient settlement of Qumran. Found there in the caves were scrolls, some well preserved and many infragments. There were 972 texts discovered among these artifacts, including 23 of the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible (the Protestant Old Testament), commentaries on biblical books, and sectarian literature - papers that describe the rules, beliefs and practices of the sect which had stored the scrolls.

Included in this find was a complete manuscript from the book of Isaiah, making it the oldest copy of an Old Testament book ever discovered.

There are only four facsimiles of the Great Isaiah Scroll currently on display in the world. The original is located at the Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem. Others are located at the British Museum in London and in Seoul, South Korea. The last replica is what we have opportunity to see. These facsimiles are made from photo negatives taken in 1948, soon after the scrolls’ discovery. These negatives were sent to America and remained in obscure storage for about 60 years before the unique replicas were created from the negatives. For this reason, the replicas on display are even more legible than the actual scrolls today, because of their continued deteriorating condition.

Of note, among the scrolls discovered,eight or more copies of several books ofthe Old Testament were found,written in a combination of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. These include the Pentateuch, Isaiah, Twelve Prophets, Psalms, and Daniel.Originally written on animal skins, papyrus, and even copper, the content of the scrolls demonstrate how the transcripts have not changed from the time they were written until today.Some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were preserved in pottery jars of a type found only in the caves and in the settlement at Qumran, tying what is thought to be the Essene community to the writing and storage of the texts.

The Dead Sea scrolls have revolutionized textual criticism of the Old Testament, and the text of the scrolls prove the Hebrew Bible and its words have not been manipulated - that thereliability and trustworthiness of the word of God can be clearly seen to remain intact. Jesus assures us,‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but My WORDS will by no means pass away.’ 

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