A Number of Resources to Help You Grow In Your Faith




Andrew Wommack, Critique

Apologetic Critique of Andrew Wommack (MS Word)

Atheism and Agnosticism

Atheism and Agnosticism Apologetics (MS Word)

Biblical Difficulties

Biblical Difficulties Apologetics (MS Word)


Buddhism Apologetics (MS Word)
Buddhism Comparisons (MS Word)
Buddhism Class Handout (MS Word)

Creation and Evolution

Creation and Evolution (MS Word)
Creation FAQ (MS Word)
Creation Web Guide (MS Word)
Creation Book Guide (MS Word)

Emerging (Emergent) Church, The

Emerging Church Apologetics (MS Word)
Emerging Church Movement (MS Word)

End Times (The Last Days)

The End Times (MS Word)
The End Times Timeline (MS Word)
Ten Reasons to Reject Preterism (MS Word)

Evidence for the Existence of God

Evidence for the Existence of God (MS Word)

Evidence for the Resurrection

Evidence for the Resurrection (MS Word)
Early Church Fathers View of Jesus (MS Word)
“Quotes” on the Resurrection (MS Word)


Hinduism Apologetics (MS Word)
TWO ALTERNATIVES (Lord, Lunatic, or Liar?) (MS Word)
Hindu Witnessing Tips (MS Word)

How We Got the Bible

How We Got The Bible (MS Word)
Scriptural Copy Rules (MS Word)


Islam Apologetics (MS Word)
Muhammad vs. Jesus (MS Word)
Similarities Between Muhammad and Joseph Smith (Mormons) (MS Word)
Muslim Witnessing Tips (MS Word)

Joel Osteen, Critique

Apologetic Critique of Joel Osteen (MS Word)

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Apologetics (MS Word)
Jehovah's Witnesses False Prophecies (MS Word)
Jehovah's Witnesses Doctrinal Reversals (MS Word)
Is Jesus Christ the Archangel Michael? (MS Word)
Verses Jehovah's Witnesses Use to Deny Christ's Deity (MS Word)
34 Questions to Ask Jehovah's Witnesses (MS Word)
65 Questions to Ask Jehovah's Witnesses About the NWT (MS Word)
A Case For the Trinity (MS Word)


Mormon Apologetics (MS Word)
Changes in the Book of Mormon (MS Word)
Inconsistencies in Joseph Smith's First Vision Account (MS Word)
Similarities Between Joseph Smith and Muhammad (Islam) (MS Word)


Ten Reasons to Reject Preterism (MS Word)

Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism Apologetics (MS Word)
Five Beliefs of the Protestant Reformation (MS Word)
Key Dates in Roman Catholicism (MS Word)
Martin Luther's 95 Theses (MS Word)

Spiritual Discernment and False Teaching

Spiritual Discernment and False Teaching (MS Word)
Developing Spiritual Discernment (MS Word)
What Can We Judge or Test? (MS Word)

The Gospel According To Oprah and Her Friends

The Gospel According To Oprah and Her Friends (MS Word)

“The Secret”, Book Critique

The "Secret" Apologetics (MS Word)

“The Shack”, Book Critique

"The Shack: Helpful or Heretical" by Norman Geisler
Apologetic on "The Shack" by Jason Van Divier
Critique of "The Shack" by Robby Beum

Critique of "The Shack" by Pastor Gino Geraci

The Trinity

A Case For the Trinity (MS Word)

The Word of Faith Movement

The "Word of Faith Movement" Apologetics (MS Word)
"Is Seed Faith Giving Biblical?"(MS Word)

Understanding the Deity of Jesus

The Deity of Jesus Christ (MS Word)
What Does the Bible Say About Jesus? Is He 100% God? (Pastor Ed Taylor MP3)
What Does the Bible say About the Holy Spirit? (PDF)
Who is God the Father? (PDF)
A Case For the Trinity (MS Word)
A Case For the Trinity (PDF)

“Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell, Book Critique

"Velvet Elvis" False Teachings

Wicca (Modern Witchcraft)

Wicca Apologetics (MS Word)
Comparisons Between Wicca and Christianity (MS Word)

Basic Bible Study Series

Study 1
Study 2
Study 3
Study 4
Study 5
Study 6
Study 7
Study 8
Study 9
Study 10

“DEEP” Diving Deeper into Difficult Bible Verses

Genesis 1:3-2:3
Genesis 1:26
Genesis 4:17
Genesis 5:5
Genesis 6:2
Genesis 22:2
Exodus 9:12
Exodus 20:5
Deuteronomy 7:2
Judges 11:31-39
2 Samuel 6:6-7
Job 40:15 and 41:1
Psalm 5:5
Jeremiah 1:5
Matthew 5:48
Matthew 7:1
Matthew 12:31

Apologetic Teachings By Robby Beum (Click Here)